A Little Something About Blackjacks

When most people hear the word “ Blackjack” they think of the card game or a club of just about any size and shape. So let’s clear that up right now.  What I mean by “Blackjack” is a small club with a cylindrical lead head, a round coil spring handle, all wrapped in braided leather with a wrist strap attached to the end of the handle.  Usually between 6 and 11 inches long and weighing anywhere from 6 to 16 ounces.
Braided Black Kangaroo Leather Blackjack

Braided Black Kangaroo Leather Blackjack

Although there are many different designs similar to this little club, the “blackjack” hit the hardest and was the most effective. Its shape and the whipping action of the spring handle amplified the hitting power. Although they came in many sizes all were easy to carry and conceal, one swipe could easily knock out a much larger opponent or at least make him change his mind about attacking you. You had a lot of stopping power in a small package.

9" Spring Core Convoy

9″ Spring Core Convoy

Blackjacks were issued to police as a standard self-defense weapon.  A patrolman would carry a model usually 9 inches long that weighed approximately 12 ounces. This had impressive stopping power no matter where it hit. If hit in the head, it would usually knock the person out. Unfortunately sometimes the effect was permanent brain damage or even death which is why they are no longer issued to the police. 

Similar to Bucheimer 894

Similar to Bucheimer 894

 I’ve read that some American soldiers carried them into combat during WW2. It was a relatively silent way to immobilize the enemy.  Some states still allow military personnel to carry them. 

Similar to Bucheimer T96

The smaller models were issued to detectives as they were easier to conceal. Although they didn’t have the stopping power of the larger models, their stopping power was still very impressive. To give you an idea of the smaller models stopping power, the 6.5 inch model that I make weighs a little over 8 ounces, That’s a little more than a roll of quarters. Imagine a roll of quarters being firmly attached to a solid rod and then hitting someone on the nose or the mouth. I think even a small woman with half effort would break the nose.

Similar to Bucheimer 7982

Similar to Bucheimer 7982

 The blackjacks spring handle instead of a rod amplifies the speed and effect of the blow giving it a whipping action. If hit across the mouth, a guy would be spitting teeth all night. Hitting across the hand would surely break the fragile bones. Other areas to strike were the elbow, collar, and thigh. These areas were less lethal, but offered impressive stopping power. The blackjack can also be used to thrust into the eye or throat which would also have significant stopping power without the possible lethal effect of a strike to the head.

Flexible Keychain Blackjack

 Unfortunately, blackjacks also became a standard tool of other, less law-abiding citizens. This caused open carrying and/or concealed carrying one to be considered illegal in many states. Check your local state and country/city baton laws for specific restrictions in your area.


Part 2 coming soon.

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