The Reaper



Introducing “The Reaper.”

This custom-made blackjack features a stainless steel band of skulls and stainless steel skull connector. The skull connector can be used to hold keys, pocket knives, flashlights,  wallet chains or anything you can clip to it.

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The blackjack is a 9-inch, spring core, fully-functional replica similar to the Bucheimer 894. It weighs 12 ounces and has a wrist strap braided directly on the skull connector.

dscn0248 dscn0250The handle has a 12-strand herringbone design with a turkshead knot securing the band of skulls firmly at the base of the head.

dscn0241 dscn0242


Whether used as a keychain or purchased for display, this piece will be a unique addition to any collection.

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If you are interested in having a blackjack like this or a custom piece with your specificiations made, contact me using the form below. Also, check out all the currently available blackjacks in Blackjacks In Stock.




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