Never Crack Your Whip On Cement

Let’s have a show of hands. How many people would know better than to drag their leather shoes or coat on cement. I bet everyone knows better. Yet when it comes to leather whips, some don’t seem to think that dragging your leather whip on concrete will scuff it up. The typical response is, “I didn’t realize that” or the ever famous, “ I don’t let it touch the ground.”

With every whip sale, I send a list of do’s and don’ts. One of the first don’ts is “Don’t crack your whip on an abrasive surface as this will damage your whip”. This usually works, but sometime it does not. I think the difference is that some people actually bother to read what I send them. But, on occasion I get the email complete with pictures of a whip that’s scuffed up at the fall hitch and little above and sometime with a broken strand. The usual reasoning is that the leather I used was of poor quality and is falling apart with only a few days use even though they used leather dressing after every use.

Well, after I ask a few questions usually they will admit that they cracked it on cement, but they never let it touch the ground. Well, that really impresses me because I don’t know how its possible to crack an eight foot whip without it touching the ground. I ‘ve been cracking whips for years and I can’t seem to be able to do that with a six-foot whip let alone an eight. I can’t even figure out how this is physically possible because most cracks require you to start by having the whip on the ground.

So rule number one: Crack your whip on grass if you are outside. If you are able to crack inside, the same rule applies. Don’t crack on an abrasive surface. It will keep you from getting mad at me and keep your whip from getting scuffed up like the one below.

Here's a whip I cracked on parking lot blacktop.  This is what happens to it.

Here’s a whip I cracked on parking lot black top. This is what happens to it.

Rule number two: Leather dressing in not necessary after every use. Use it only if your whip looks dry or maybe a couple of times per year. If you use too much dressing or too often it will damage the whip. The dressing breaks down the fibers in the leather and will cause the whip to weaken and fall apart after time. Then the response comes, “I read that dressing should be used after every use.” You know who says that? The company making the dressing and the guy selling it.

I have whips that I’ve had for years and never used dressing once and they still look and perform just fine.

So maybe this will help those whip users that seem to have problems with scuffed up whips. Na!

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One Response to Never Crack Your Whip On Cement

  1. Rocky Hernandez says:

    This is very good information for me to know, and I would have read your information that came with your Whip, but that’s just me, I don’t understand why some people don’t take the time to read first for the care and use on anything, Thank you for taking your time writing this good info, I can’t wait to order one from you guys very soon..God Bless..

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