The Magnum-Jack

The ultimate in blackjack stopping power. The Magnum-Jack is 12″ long and weighs in at 17 ounces.

The Magnum-Jack

This core is made of steel cable, rather than the traditional spring. The cable makes it firmer than a spring at this length while still maintaining great flexibility.

Flexible Steel Cable Core

It also has a larger knot at the heel of the blackjack. This allows for a better grip for maintaining control with this large piece and is more proportionate for its size.

Larger Heel Knot

This is a fully-functional, original Big Hoss design. For more information on this blackjack, check out Blackjacks In Stock.

Check out all my Blackjacks In Stock as well as my Blackjack Gallery if you’re interested in this or any of my pieces.

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A Little Something About Blackjacks – Part 2

I was introduced to Backjacks when I was contacted by a customer who wanted me to rebraid a core of a Bucheimer 894. I told him that I had never rebraided one, as all my batons were made from scratch and I had never made a Blackjack. He mailed me the core and another Bucheimer blackjack in fairly good condition that he wanted me to duplicate in kangaroo leather. This first blackjack took a long time to do, as I was not familiar with the process. Once finished however, it was perfect. I thought it came out pretty nice and so did the customer.

My First Rebraided Blackjack

After this first blackjack, I wondered if there was a market for quality Blackjacks, so I did a little research. It turns out there is a market, as there are a lot of collectors. Most of the blackjacks I found for sale were originals back from years ago. These were typically in poor shape and pretty expensive.

Other than the used originals, I also found cheap knockoffs from China. These have poor braiding and a small spring in the middle of the handle. It appears as though the entire handle is a spring, but the majority of the handle is actually rigid. If held at the end of the handle the bend would only be in the middle of the handle where the small spring is. These are being sold on eBay as “old, American-made but in new condition,” but they aren’t. The seller claims he got them from a police surplus or had it sitting is a sealed chest since 1980. I’ve seen these bid up as high as $124.00. You can pick these same Blackjacks up on-line for as little as $15.00 plus shipping. I guess its buyer beware.

I started making black cowhide 894’s and there was definitely interest, as each one sold in less than three hours. Then I thought I ‘d try making one in brown. It sold as well. Then I tried other colors, other models, then two or more colors, and even kangaroo leather. All had immediate interest.

Finally, the natural progression was to have fancy braiding, rings and anything else I could think of. I also had people contact me with their own ideas and began making custom pieces according to their specifications. You can look at my site and see how far it has come with the various ones I have made. All my blackjacks are fully functional no matter how fancy it may appear.

Being an American invention, I never thought these would be popular anywhere but in the USA, but I was wrong. I have sold in six countries. I suppose there are weapon collectors all over the world.

My customers seem to come in two types. Those that like the traditional black or brown and those that want unique one-of-a-kind items that no one else has. I encourage anyone who has an idea about a Blackjack to shoot me an email. I’d love to hear about it. 

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8981-Style Bucheimer Replica Blackjack

This 8 1/2″ black cowhide leather blackjack is similar to the old Bucheimer 8981. Continue reading

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The Woodjack

Here’s is the latest addition to my original Blackjack creations — The Woodjack.

This piece is constructed to replicate the Bucheimer 894. It has a traditional spring core, measures 9 1/2 inches, and weighs 12.5 ounces.

There is a black and whiskey Kangaroo leather 12-strand braided overlay, two black knots on the heel, and a black knot with whiskey leather accents on the head. Between the knots on the heel is a stainless steel band with wood inlay. Finally there is a 5-strand braided wristloop.

If you are interested in having this unique piece for your collection, contact me using the form below.

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Introducing — The Bull!

Here is a brand new Bucheimer replica of The Bull.

This blackjack comes in at nearly 1 Pound (15 ounces).

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A Little Something About Blackjacks

When most people hear the word “ Blackjack” they think of the card game or a club of just about any size and shape. So let’s clear that up right now.  What I mean by “Blackjack” is a small club with a cylindrical lead head, a round coil spring handle, all wrapped in braided leather with a wrist strap attached to the end of the handle.  Usually between 6 and 11 inches long and weighing anywhere from 6 to 16 ounces.
Braided Black Kangaroo Leather Blackjack

Braided Black Kangaroo Leather Blackjack

Although there are many different designs similar to this little club, the “blackjack” hit the hardest and was the most effective. Its shape and the whipping action of the spring handle amplified the hitting power. Although they came in many sizes all were easy to carry and conceal, one swipe could easily knock out a much larger opponent or at least make him change his mind about attacking you. You had a lot of stopping power in a small package.

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The Reaper



Introducing “The Reaper.”

This custom-made blackjack features a stainless steel band of skulls and stainless steel skull connector. The skull connector can be used to hold keys, pocket knives, flashlights,  wallet chains or anything you can clip to it. Continue reading

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